Top 5 Programming Languages for Beginners to Learn in 2023 

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A newcomer to the field of software development may have trouble deciding where to start when learning a programming language. Every aspiring developer entering the technology world should have a depth of knowledge of at least one programming language. The survey estimates that programming jobs will increase by 21% by 2028. Choosing between the most popular programming languages for beginners can be a tricky task. 

For this reason, we have written this article keeping several factors in mind to come up with the best programming language for beginners.


PHP is a scripting language with broad applications that will continue expanding in popularity in the coming years. It was one of the first server-side languages embedded with HTML to add capabilities to web pages. PHP developers are in high demand due to the growing online trend. Learning PHP programming is the best option for you if you want to build your career in 2023. Beginner developers consider PHP a relatively simple language to learn. Over 80% of websites on the Internet are built with PHP, including Facebook and Yahoo, a language found to be invaluable to web developers. It is estimated that PHP programmers earn an average annual salary of $107,409 on average. 


Python has the potential to be the programming language of the future. In the last few years, it has gained incredible popularity and has become one of the most popular programming languages for beginners. According to the most recent statistics, approximately 80% of developers use Python as the primary coding language. Python’s extensive library supports data science, artificial intelligence, and automated learning processes. Python is currently popular and can be considered the monarch of programming languages. As a result, learning this programming language in 2023 will ensure your success and growth. 


As part of the Google Android SDK Suite, Flutter provides a cross-platform framework for developing mobile applications. With almost everyone moving towards Native app development, Flutter is becoming increasingly in demand in the job market. If you already know JAVA, it becomes easier to master Flutter and more convenient for you to use. A Flutter Developer in India earns an average annual salary of $3.5 lakhs, and pay ranges from $1.0 lakh to $9.5 lakhs annually. 


SQL query language is one of the world’s most widely used database query languages for accessing and manipulating data. From new businesses to established businesses, the job market for SQL enthusiasts appears promising and is projected to increase in the coming years. SQL Programmers/ Developers have excellent opportunities in all geographies. According to PayScale, SQL Developers earn $73K on average. 


Django is an excellent tool for getting started immediately without having to do a lot of configurations. It’s easy to install and makes development extremely fast, making it one of the most popular frameworks in the world. Django professionals are in high demand, with high-paying jobs and new career opportunities opening daily. A Django developer earns an annual salary of $120,000. 

Wrap up.! 

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