PHP VS Python: Which is better for web development? 

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The right programming language selection is crucial to the success of any development project. Nowadays, most businesses prefer Python and PHP for web development projects. When comparing these two, Python Vs. PHP for web development, choosing one becomes difficult. Even though many websites are created in PHP and Python, it has also gained much popularity in recent years.

Which programming language has the best features – Python or PHP for web development? We will go over a comparison of Python Vs PHP for web development. So, let’s get going! 

Community support 

The communities are incredibly supportive of PHP and Python. Since PHP has been used to develop web applications for a while, it has a sizable developer community that can immediately provide support. Here, Python and PHP are very similar. The community support for Python is excellent because there are a lot of people working on creating Python apps all the time. In other words, none of them clearly wins. 


Web apps with machine learning capabilities are highly sought-after these days. Additionally, ML is an essential aspect of Python. Python’s excellent machine-learning libraries include Pandas, Tensorflow, Theano, and Scikit-learn. As well as being quick, reliable, and unique, these libraries work perfectly with the frameworks used to build websites. Remember that PHP is valid only for web development, whereas Python is helpful in various fields, not just web development. Python thus performs better here than PHP. 


Businesses prefer Python because of its incredible security features. For instance, Django boasts several built-in security features that help protect the apps from various security risks. Various government agencies also use Python as a top-secret hacking tool. PHP is less secure than Python, even though its active community has helped solve most security issues. Therefore, at this point, Python defeats PHP. 

Ease of learning 

Undoubtedly, learning Python is simpler. This general-purpose language for programming is very easy to understand, and finding a beginner’s programming course is simple. Compared to other languages, Python programs are simpler to write and shorter. In contrast, PHP is designed for complex web apps instead of standalone, straightforward programs. In any case, it is not a general-purpose language. As a result, learning PHP requires more time than learning Python. 

Library Management 

Pip is a package management tool for Python. Pip ensures that Python app development is quick, simple, and meets all development requirements. PHP’s library management capabilities are inferior to Python’s. Python offers a broader range of packages and practical tools for more straightforward web app development. Python thus comes out on top in this contest. 

Wrap up 

Python outperforms PHP in many areas, despite both languages working exceptionally well for web development. This does not, however, mean that you must choose Python and disregard PHP. Python and PHP are both top-notch programming languages for creating web applications. Last but not least, how you build your web apps will largely depend on the project’s requirements and your PHP or Python skills, knowledge, and expertise. Learn Python or PHP from the best software training institute.  


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